Smith: Storming win won't happen every game

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Saturday, March 24, 2012    Getty Images

It was Barrett who made the break, a stunning affair which finally moved the Hurricanes out of their own half where the Blues had pinned them for much of the second half.

He found space to move and then, more importantly, found Smith in support and his captain ran in as close to the posts as he could to score his second try of the night, a bonus point try for his team.

"It was one of those games where it was funny how things turn out," he said.

Smith said he had talked with the side in the lead-up to the game about hanging in for as long as they could because he knew from his own experience how hard it could be after coming back from South Africa as the Blues had done.

"We were under a lot of pressure and we kept saying to ourselves 'hand in there, hang in there' and I kept saying it to the forwards, but it won't happen every game that we can rely on winning games like that but it was nice to do it tonight," Smith said.

In relation to the match-winning try Smith said: "Good players find space, and also know where others are. I gave him a little challenge with the conversion but was pleased to see he got it over."

The Blues had played very well during their period of dominance but he said the side always felt when they got the ball wide they had a little more in the tank.

Coach Mark Hammett said the Blues had played well but they hadn't been able to score tries and he was proud of his side's defence. However, the Hurricanes had suffered heavily in the penalty count, especially in the second half and while he felt the rub of the green did not go the Hurricanes way he wasn't prepared to venture an opinion on what the problems were until watching the match again.

He did say he felt the Hurricanes had tried to play a territory game too early in the match but when unable to achieve that had produced a kicking game that put pressure on the Blues and they were also able to create some havoc off the set pieces.

Smith said the job of captaining the side had given him an invigoration that might not otherwise have been there after the heights of the World Cup win last year and he took the job to prove that it was possible for an inexperienced side to mix it with the more experienced sides in the competition.