The ultimate WWE Rugby XV

Monday, May 27, 2019    

From their incredible displays of strength on the mat to acrobatic feats off the top rope, there was no shortage of talent vying for a spot in the coveted WWE Rugby XV.
Starting line-up:

1: Bushwhacker Butch
Will be sure to fly the New Zealand flag high, eat all of the team’s tuna supply and scrum the house down.

2: Big Boss Man
Immensely powerful and full of trash talk. The ultimate hooker.

3: Bushwhacker Luke
What’s better than one Bushwhacker? Yep, you guessed it - two Bushwhackers.

4: Andre the Giant
Because no one is going to steal your lineout ball with the 7 foot 4 French giant in the second row.

5: The Great Khali
Ditto reasons as above (apart from the French thing)

6: Sheamus
Orange haired, Irish and angry. Enough said.

7: John Cena
Pretty much wrestling’s version of Richie McCaw.

8: The Rock
Imagine this guy picking the ball off the back of the scrum. Look out.

9: Rey Mysterio Junior
Gets the nine jersey because he is the smallest wrestler we can think of.

10: Daniel Bryan
YES! YES! YES! Twinkling toes and a big boot. Could’ve been the USA Eagles answer to Dan Carter had he chosen rugby over tussling men in tights.

11: Haku
The most feared wrestler in history. The Tongan wrecking ball makes Jonah Lomu proud by claiming the 11 jersey in this line-up.

12: Roman Reigns
The master of the spear. Reigns will waste no time inheriting Brian Lima’s ‘chiropractor’ moniker on the rugby field.

13: Goldberg
The King of the spear. I dare anyone to run it straight at this mid-field combo.

14: The Ultimate Warrior
Selected purely on the basis of how fast he could run to the ring.

15: Adam Bomb
Who better to diffuse bombs?

RESERVE BENCH: Mr Perfect (no one else required).