Rampant Chiefs leave Rebels devastated

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Friday, June 14, 2019    Getty Images

The Chiefs went into the game needing to win with a bonus point, and a margin greater than 46 points.

Rebels coach Dave Wessels was devastated.

"Losing the game itself is obviously, and in the fashion we did is not great, it's really just a symptom of where we have been at over the last couple of weeks.

"We started the season like a house on fire and we should have qualified and probably had a home semi a long time ago and the reason that we haven't is probably the thing that is concerning me the most. How did we fall in such a big hole having started well?" he said.

There was a softness that had crept into the squad which he felt he had triggered in some way. When the side got in tough moments they didn't deal with them. In more physical games against physical opposition they tended to do silly things.

In the first half the Chiefs had scored off the Rebels mistakes, at a time when they had only 35 percent of possession. They didn't play with confidence.

"Improving starts with admitting you made errors and that starts with me. I haven't done my job in the past couple of weeks and I think there are people out there that should be angry, that are angry about that, and they should be, and I will have to have a long, hard think about what I am going to do differently," he said.

Wessels said there were certain players in the squad, and he might be one of them, who you would have to ask if they were tough enough to play in what is the best provincial competition in the world.

"If you are going to win it you have to be on every week. I think some times when we haven't been on we've put up the white flag up when things got a bit hard and that's just not acceptable really," he said.

When things didn't go their way they got sad about it, instead of fighting there way out of it and that was what they needed to be able to do consistently.

Captain Dane Haylett-Petty said all of the group were responsible. They were heartbroken and frustrated, he said.

They had been given lessons last year and had reflected on them to come back a better team and they were definitely a better team than they had shown in the last few weeks, he said.

"We know we're good, when we're in control, but when things don't go our way we drop our heads a little bit…we worked at that this year and there were patches when we improved at that and patches where we weren't resilient enough.