Ardie Savea on rehab, lockdown plans and Julian

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Savea featured on Sky Sports’ Breakdown this week and spoke about his rehab while in lockdown and how he and his family plan to entertain themselves over the next month.


He said he’s grateful for the position he is currently in.


“It’s obviously pretty massive what’s going on and I feel sorry for a lot of people who are in a worse situation at the moment. I’m just trying to connect with the family, and we are getting prepared for the next four weeks. We have to try and keep the little one occupied which will be interesting.”


The 44-Test All Black is working closely with Hurricanes physio Cam Shaw to work out his rehab programmes while away from the Hurricanes base.  


“I have gym equipment at home and pretty much all the stuff I do at the moment I can do from home. All the running I can do at the park just behind my house, so I can quickly nip over there and do the conditioning that I have to do.”



Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and had the competition not been suspended because of Covid-19, Savea was set to make his return from a knee injury after the Hurricanes bye week at the start of May.


“I was planning to be back around then, but I was in no rush. It was feeling good to play, but it all depended on how it felt and if I felt comfortable. It’s a feel thing from now on.”


Savea’s older brother and former All Black Julian, has been entertaining his fans on social media with all sorts of dancing videos. Julian is based in France at the moment, where he has been playing for Toulon. Ardie said they’ve been in close contact.


“He’s been giving some advice because they are already a couple of days into lockdown. I’ve been asking him what he’s been doing to keep his little one occupied and what activities, but he’s just been dancing and doing fitness body weight circuits. We will be having a lot more skype sessions with the family over the next few weeks.”


In terms of Ardie’s lockdown plans, he reckons his wife has already drawn up a whole schedule.


“The schedule is for the little one. Some dance time and creative arts should be interesting. I’ll do that with the family and then work on the business that we are running. Try and build on that and myself off the field. It’s a great chance to network with different people and keep the podcast going.


“I’ll be trying to provide value for the fans out there where we can’t play footy, but social media is a massive tool that us athletes can use, so just try and build that as well.”