Blues ready for Reds

Comments made by young Reds flanker Hugh McMeniman that the Queenslanders have been using calculated violence in their bid to try to be the most physical pack in the Super 14 have not gone unnoticed.

Blues coach David Nucifora told The Courier Mail, "I see the Reds are talking up their defence and how physical they are.

"They have made big improvements but we're ready to take it on, don't worry.

"The boys have seen it or read what the Reds want to do. They are looking forward to giving plenty back," he said.

With Troy Flavell, making his return appearance for the Blues, and Nick Williams, Nucifora is confident the Blues are well-equipped to handle the Reds' threat.

But Reds forwards adviser Alex Evans says his side had to play their brand of 'controlled aggression not stupid handbagging' for 80 minutes.

That was acknowledged by flanker David Croft.

"People are going on about how much we've improved but playing well for 60 minutes with no result is rubbish. Only a win matters," he said.

The game is another vital fixture for two teams who have lost their first two matches.

One more loss and the season is looking unhealthy.

The Reds have some concerns before the game as McMeniman suffered a neck injury and may struggle to complete the game. He didn't train yesterday with the side.