Kaino out for two weeks

Kaino was given an early shower when South African referee Tappe Henning slapped him with a yellow card with five minutes left on the clock.

Kaino rightly took no issue with the fact that the tackle was regarded as dangerous. He maintained, however, that the penalty of a yellow card was a sufficient penalty in the circumstances.

After viewing the videotape the Judicial Committee ruked Kaino did not intend to harm Valentine, and that it ended up being a dangerous tackle only as a result of misjudgement on Kaino�s part.

Kaino was suspended from all rugby for the period up to and including 21 March 2005, meaning he will play no part against the Chiefs this week and the all-important Crusaders match in Auckland in round four.

Kaino is a former New Zealand U19 and U21 representative and was awarded the IRB Under 21 Player of the Year last year. He collected his medal in London while on tour with the All Blacks in Europe.