Fan Voting: Who is the Crusaders MVP?

Crusaders MVP

Four players have been selected from each team and now it is over to fans to vote for their MVP based on the first seven rounds of Super Rugby. Here are your four options from the Crusaders:


Tom Christie

If there is one thing Tom Christie has demonstrated in his first season of Super Rugby, it is assuredness on the tackle. In a time of change in the legal height of tackles that is a significant accomplishment, especially given his lack of experience. He has conceded six penalties but that would be within the margin of error for any loosie. He sits No 1 in the competition for the 106 tackles he has made with a staggering success rate of 97 percent. But it is not only in defence that he has contributed. He's made 32 carries and gained 104 metres.


David Havili

In outstanding form before an abdominal problem hospitalised him, David Havili was right back to the best that saw him first selected for the All Blacks. Fullback, midfield or, on one occasion first five-eighths, has mattered little to him. He has consistently produced when it was most needed. He had made 45 carries and was fourth highest across the competition for beating 25 defenders while his 14 offloads were the best among all teams.


Jack Goodhue

Having to move in one position from his preferred place at centre, Jack Goodhue has demonstrated his versatility while filling the all-important midfield general's role in the absence of Ryan Crotty. In the process, he has started to build a potentially formidable combination with Braydon Ennor outside him. He has achieved a 90 percent tackle success rate. While completing 44 carries he has made 160 metres, made nine offloads, equal sixth, among all teams while also beating 14 defenders.


Scott Barrett

The weight of leadership has not impacted lock Scott Barrett's game for the Crusaders. Among the top tacklers in the competition he has made 56 tackles, 14 per game, and only Tom Christie is in front of him among the top 15 tackling averages per game. That's an 89 percent tackle success rate. He has made 30 carries while making 80 metres with the ball in hand. Achieving that while also leading what is a vastly changed Crusaders side to a handy position on the competition ladder is clear evidence of his capabilities.