Whitelock ready for lineout battle in final

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Only in their fourth year of the competition the Jaguares could not have picked a finalist with a greater legacy in the Super Rugby competition than the Crusaders.



But with the benefit of exposure at franchise level, and with a core of Test experience, the Jaguares were as formidable as other contenders and were worthy of respect.

Whitelock said: "They're such a good side they don't really have a weakness."

And as one of the best lineout exponents in the world Whitelock is aware of how competitive that department will be.

"They've got a good lineout, scrum, a good maul, the breakdown is very good so for us we've got to make sure we're prepared right across the board and lineout is one of those areas where hopefully, if we can get up in the air, and pressure, hopefully we will get some reward from it but teams are very good this part of the season.


"There are only two left so it is making sure we sort our stuff out, be nice and clear in our systems because they'll be doing their homework too. They'll be looking for an opportunity to attack us and that might be at the lineout time," he said.

Whitelock said the Argentinians had learnt a lot over the four years of their involvement.

When they first started it was hard for them because Super Rugby was new for them, they had to travel a lot but they had learned and adapted and were now using those features as real strengths to their game and having to come to Christchurch for the final it was now something they had to do all the time.

"I just want to say full credit to them. They've got better every year and now they're in the final and no doubt they want to go the whole way and it's up to us to try to stop that," he said.