New predictor game captures imagination of fans

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It's the DHL Super Rugby Pacific Play Predictor, and the excitement surrounding it is palpable. Recently, Matt Lock became the inaugural winner of this thrilling game in round one, and he shared his thoughts and experiences with us.

Lock, a rugby enthusiast from New Zealand, dove into the Play Predictor with enthusiasm, and his efforts were rewarded. When asked about his favourite aspect of the game, Lock expressed his appreciation for its strategic depth. "My first thoughts are that it's a superior game to the stock standard 'pick the winning team and margin' games," Lock remarked. "It requires some deeper insight and thought behind choosing your picks."

The Super Rugby Pacific Play Predictor goes beyond simple predictions of match outcomes. Participants are challenged to forecast specific aspects of each game, including the exact score. This added layer of complexity adds a thrilling dimension to the game, making each prediction a strategic endeavour.

Lock's tactics for success were a blend of intuition and observation. "To be fair, it was guess-work more so than tactical nous," he admitted. "But, given the open-running, attacking style of play we see in Super Rugby, my thought process was that teams would score early in the matches and the games across round 1 would be fairly high-scoring."

His approach proved to be effective, securing him the top spot in the leaderboard and earning him the coveted title of the first-round winner of the Super Rugby Pacific Play Predictor.

When asked about his plans for the $250 NZD All Blacks Shop voucher prize, Lock's excitement was palpable. "I've never owned an All Blacks jersey, so that will definitely be on the list," he shared. "I'd also better grab something for the kids too!"

Lock's victory serves as a testament to the fun and excitement that the Super Rugby Pacific Play Predictor brings to rugby fans worldwide. With a weekly prize of a $250NZD All Blacks Shop voucher up for grabs for both Super Rugby Pacific and Super Rugby Aupiki, there's never been a better time to sign up and put your rugby knowledge to the test.

Additionally, Paul Alexander, winner of round 1 of the Play Predictor for Super Rugby Aupiki, shared his insights on his victory. "What tactics did I use? Good old-fashioned head and heart. I'm a huge Blues Supporter both men's and women's teams. I will always pick my team [to win in the Play Predictor]. This year I believe that both teams can go on to win their respective competitions."

"As for what I'll spend the voucher on? Blues gear naturally! I already have the Home 2024 one. Keen to maybe get the away one or Retro one… or maybe the wet weather jacket for games at home and away (in Christchurch later on season when we take on the Crusaders)."

Signing up for NZR+ is free, and participants have the chance to win prizes every week with the Play Predictor and stream incredible rugby content. Whether you're a seasoned rugby aficionado or a casual fan, the Play Predictor offers an engaging and rewarding experience for all.

Don't miss out on the action – join the Super Rugby Pacific Play Predictor and Super Rugby Aupiki Play Predictor today and experience the thrill of predicting match outcomes like never before.